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Keith Lockhart

Keith Lockhart


Keith's ideals, experience, determination, vision, and team of carefully selected expert instructors and service providers have come together to form what is Syntricate. Keith leads the group toward the goal of superiority in software training and services by developing leading-trend curriculum, cutting-edge training delivery methods and diverse software training solutions. Keith guides the organization by example, with a sharp focus on the smallest details and a genuine willingness to dig into the trenches, all with the common goal of providing the most current and best software training solutions the industry has to offer. Keith isn't afraid to go where no one has gone before to ensure Syntricate leads the way.

Nick Drehel

Nick Drehel, Jr.

Vice President of Digital Investigations Training

Nick Drehel is the Vice President of Digital Investigations Training at Syntricate, where he oversees the computer forensic, mobile forensic, and incident response training staff and develops innovative training solutions for Local, State, Federal, and International law enforcement agencies as well as worldwide corporate entities.  Nick's background includes 32 years of law enforcement experience. Nick has developed his skills and expertise in computer forensics since 1996, serving with the Houston Police Department Computer Crime/Forensic Unit and with the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force in Houston.  Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership with Mountain State University and was an Adjunct Professor with the University of Houston where he taught Introduction to Computer Forensics and Advanced Computer Forensics. 

Oronde Ward

Oronde Ward

Director, Legal Solutions Training

Oronde Ward is the Director of Legal Solutions Training, where he oversees the Legal Solutions training department and works with the team to provide the most comprehensive training programs for eDiscovery and Summation users.

Oronde has over 14 years of law firm experience, most recently as the Litigation Support Manager at a large law firm. He is a seasoned veteran who understands the unique needs and requirements at each phase of the EDRM. Oronde understands the fast paced environment within law firms and uses his experience to provide effective training and workflow services.

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