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The ACE credential demonstrates your proficiency with Forensic Toolkit technology. Although there are no prerequisites, ACE candidates will benefit from taking the FTK BootCamp and FTK Intermediate courses as a foundation. In preparation for the process, candidates are encouraged to test their knowledge of the skills acquired in the FTK BootCamp and FTK Intermediate courses by reviewing their course manuals for the above-mentioned courses.

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ACE Study Materials

The study guide provides topic areas that examiners need to be familiar with to successfully pass the Knowledge Based Assessment.  It additionally lists topics of practical ability that an examiner will need to pass the exam.  The knowledge and skill lists apply directly to the ACE 6 exam. 

Updated study videos are available on the testing site.  You will need to log in to your account or register a new account if you don’t have one yet.  Once logged in, click on “Take a Test” and then click on “Tests and Content.”  You should see a program called “ACE Study Program.”  Click on the program and begin when you are ready.

The program consists of a group of lessons and a practice test.  The lessons are PDF user guides for each tool and a video overview of the function of each tool in the UTK (Ultimate Tool Kit).  You may go through each one in order or skip around as you desire.  It is not required that you complete the program or any lesson before you take the ACE 6 exam.  This program is just being provided as a review and study platform if you wish you use it.

The image file for the practice test is found with the same link above as the link for the image files for the ACE exam.  There is no timer for the program nor is there any completion certificate.

Important: Starting February 1, 2018, AccessData will begin charging an administrative fee of $100 for taking the ACE certification tests through the testing system.  Costs associated with offering and administering the testing system continues to rise.  While we regret having to implement this fee, this is in line with other companies in the field who also charge a fee for their certification, though you will find our fee significantly lower than most.  There is no fee to create or access your account on the testing system.  The fee covers; Primary test attempt (if you require a second attempt – there is no charge) and Re-certification tests.  (There is no fee associated with the study materials) 

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