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Computer Forensics – Academic Program

The Syntricate Academic program provides higher learning institutions around the world with the necessary tools to offer accredited computer forensics, mobile forensics or litigation support training.  Participating institutions receive a course curriculum utilizing the Syntricate Forensic Toolkit, Mobile Phone Examiner or Summation technology, all of which are recognized worldwide as the standards in their respective industries.

The Syntricate Academic programs are designed to provide your students with real-world knowledge of the technology most commonly used in their chosen discipline. Upon completing the Syntricate Academic program, students will be well prepared to become certified in the use of the software you’re teaching. This will give them an excellent advantage, as they go into the world to land that first digital investigations or litigation support job.

When you order the Syntricate Academic program, your institution will receive:

·        One Network License Service CodeMeter dongle with software licenses for up to 30 students plus 1 instructor license.

·        The instructor will receive a course manual, instructor DVD with the curriculum materials; such as evidence files and lab files.

·        The instructor will receive one year of access to the Syntricate Learning Management System (LMS).  The Syntricate LMS is an online, on-demand video-based delivery system for Syntricate’s training course materials.  The LMS will help the instructor review the class workflow and help reinforce their teaching objectives.

·        The institution’s bookstore can order the student manuals for resale to the students.  In addition to the manuals, each student will receive a voucher that will be good for one year of access to the Syntricate Learning Management System (LMS).  An excellent resource for review of the class material.



Program is available for one year from the date of purchase and can be renewed annually.

The program is available to higher education institutions worldwide such as colleges and Universities.

If the institution does not renew the program, the license dongle must be returned to Syntricate.

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