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The cyber professionals at Syntricate and our partners are dedicated to bringing you cutting edge education delivered by industry professionals who practice these skills on a daily basis.  Whether its Incident Response education, product training, or customized training designed to meet your specific goals, your success is ours!  To see our Partners' company bios, click here!



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Syntricate Incident Response training consists of seven courses equating to 19 days of training. Our instructors come from the industry where they practice IR on a daily basis. This ensures the material being presented is relevant to what the students will see in the field. It also adds value to the course in that students can ask questions from someone who is “walking the walk”. Classes are conducted in an open format that encourages questions and discussion about workflows and pain points students might experience. We take the time to ensure each student grasps the subject being covered before moving on so that no one is left behind and students can build on previous knowledge as they progress. Students work alongside the instructor in a hands-on, interactive fashion to really drive home the concepts being covered.

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