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Learning Management System

The Learning Management System ("LMS") is an online, on-demand educational content delivery system.

Rather than simply hosting content in YouTube, the LMS allows for specific module, course, student, certification and learning plan management.

For example, modules can be organized by topic matter - to include prerequisite workflows in any given course. This means, if you're the person responsible for your team's education, you can direct what content they need to complete in what order you want it completed - to include testing on any given module, or at the end of any given course... including immediate access to a certificate.

Additionally, as a student, or administrator of students... the LMS maintains transcripts of all education per student record. This is especially useful when administrators want to demonstrate the investment return on providing access to the LMS for their students. That also applies when a student has to provide accurate representation of the education acquired from the LMS in situations like courtroom testimony or mandatory employment requirements.

Curriculum  Videos  Hours Online eManuals
Cyber / Incident Response 37 9 Coming Soon!
Legal Solutions 413 70 10
eDiscovery 127 15 4
Mobile Forensics 42 16 5
Computer Forensics 135 76 16

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