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First, we will consult with you about the unique requirements of your organization. Topics we'll discuss with you (among other things):


After your consultation, we will be in a position to assess your needs and recommend a training approach that we believe will guarantee your desired result. During the assessment, we will determine and communicate the following:


After the assessment, and after all details have been finalized, we will implement your training, which includes:

 Follow-up Support

Following your implementation, each student will have the opportunity to evaluate the training. Once we have completed your training, we are always available to discuss anything additional you may need.

In addition, if you realize any feature requests, we will submit them for you. If we were unable to answer any questions during our instruction, we will find the answer and get back to you promptly.

We know that you'll have follow-up questions and we provide several different methods of follow-up support including:

If you desire to be certified, we offer free study guides and exams to boost recognition of your software skills.

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Finally, we realize that time away from your business is precious and our goal is to make the most of your time while seamlessly integrating technology into your organization's every-day workflow. Please contact us to discuss how we can help achieve your goals: +1.801.734.7199 or

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