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ROLE: IT/Administrator:

By completing the Summation Administration course, IT/Administrators will be specialized in installation, administrative permissions, database structures, database maintenance, the ‘back-end’ of the application and troubleshooting techniques. It is common for the IT/Administrators to support the team as a whole and so it is often recommended for an IT/Administrator to participate in all Summation courses in order to effectively support the legal team and gain an understanding of how the use of other components blend into the IT/Admin role.

YOUR CERTIFICATION: The Summation Administration course prepares the user for the Summation Certified Administrator (SCA) exam.

ROLE: Lit Support/Paralegal/Legal Secretary/Power User:

By completing the Summation Case Management course, users will be specialized in understanding the workflow related to managing the case together with navigation, adding custodians, project level permission and roles, loading data, early case assessment tools, and configuring review tools and transcripts.The tools featured in this course are key to how the litigation team reviews, analyzes and manages discovery over the life of a case. It is recommended that a Case Manager also participate in the Reviewer and Summation Advanced Processing courses.

YOUR CERTIFICATION: The Summation Case Management course prepares the user (in part) for the Summation Certified Case Manager (SCCM) exam. Content from the Summation Advanced Processing course is also covered on the SCCM exam.

ROLE: Advanced Processing:

Ingesting data into Summation: By taking the Summation Advanced Processing course, users will get an in-depth look at the options available to a Project (Case) Manager when ingesting data into the AccessData Summation platform. This course is geared toward the litigation support specialist or paralegal responsible for processing data for the review team. It is recommended that at some point, the Case Manager participate in this course.

YOUR CERTIFICATION: The Summation Advanced Processing course content is covered in the Summation Certified Case Manager (SCCM) exam.

ROLE: Summation Reviewer:

Reviewing Projects: By taking the Summation Reviewer course, all members of the litigation team will learn the essential tools needed to perform the basic tasks associated with a project. This course focuses on basic navigation of the Summation interface, understanding workflows, searching techniques and related coding/tagging of documents. Also covered is a detailed look at annotations and working with transcripts.

YOUR CERTIFICATION: The Summation Reviewer course prepares the user for the Summation Certified End user (SCE) exam.

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