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The Syntricate Resource Library (SRL) is a compilation of valuable training videos developed and maintained by experienced veterans who have spent their careers on the frontlines of the digital forensic world and who have joined Syntricate from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the National Institute of Justice, the private sector and the US Military. The subjects covered in the SRL represent the fastest growing and evolving fields within the I.T. and Justice professions. The goal of the SRL is to uncover and explain the methodology and real-world workflows and processes used in today's digital forensics world. The training videos reflect current industry trends and are continuously reviewed and updated so examiners are always privy to cutting-edge technology and methodology used in forensic investigations. Be prepared to gain valuable, practical skills, straight from the experts to you!

Curriculum  Videos  Hours
Forensic Acquisitions and Collection 13 3.9
Computer Forensics Part 1 11 2.7
Computer Forensics Part 2 11 2.3
Introduction to Cyber Investigations 14 5.9

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